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The chip coolant purification equipment and chips & sludge removal machines designed by HC FENG are made to assist the global metal cutting manufacturing industries to strive for achieving E.S.G(E,Environmental)、(S,Social)、(G,governance) maintaining cutting-edge and competitiveness globally, and loving the earth with Eco-friendly. We've earned years of reputation, trust and reliability with our product range extended throughout the world. Where HC FENG is foot printed, where eco-friendly is fulfilled. Let us work together to achieve sustainable and green development.

HC Feng presents the Automatic Coolant Refill System (Smart flow system) featuring fully automatic design. Tap water is subject to impurity filtration -> filtration by resin -> filtration by activated carbon, and finally the sterilization by ozone.

Compared to general coolant oil separators and skimmers, unit BEST-1 has multifunctionally included filtration, oil skimming...

Particulates produced during fabrication will drop into the coolant and act as an abrasive to significantly reduce tool life...

Precision machining manufacturers work with grinding machines. Grinding process produces a large amount of grinding sludge that is usually...

This unit provides functions of basic filtration and tramp oil skimming. Compared to general oil skimmers, model BEST-MINI...

HC FENG, the leading manufacturer of coolant filtration systems in Taiwan was founded in 2013. Our team was firstly built by a group of technicians with years of skills and experience in the field of metalworking industry and machine fluids. Through observation in precision machining plants, factories and workshops of aerospace, automobile, machine tools, medical parts, die-casting molds, bicycle parts, fitness equipment, it came to our attention that untreated coolant oils would cause various issues. General machine tools were not equipped with recycling devices that helped maintain the quality of cutting fluids. When way lube oils and other contaminants flowed into coolant tanks, unwanted problems as rancidity, stink, emulsification, drop in quality for machining, decreased tool life and health concerns such as skin allergy would all occur. As a result, burdens of disposing of wastewater and new coolant replacements became concerns for many. We saw, we felt, and we decided to do something to help improve the industrial working environment...


When wastewater treatment is not handled properly, unwanted issues such as government fines and penalties will occur - this workshop was an example. Their daily wastewater was collected and treated together underground...


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Coming to the Q4 of the year, many orders are scheduled together and time's squeezed.
Fortunately, the productive teammates of ours made all shipments ready!
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While we are facing a labor shortage,The 4.0 industry has already come.More and more factories start using automated, robotic systems to achieve higher productivity.


Since our previous serving experience on tank customization and design, we have soon received another request to help this aluminum machining workshop.