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HC FENG team recognizes the challenges many manufacturers face with high wastewater treatment and recovery costs, as well as expenses for cutting fluid replacement. Therefore, we focus on the green industry, contributing to environmental improvement. We aim to address the issues of wastewater treatment, recovery costs, and cutting fluid replacement for manufacturers, achieving a balance between environmental sustainability and economic benefits.

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Our product are to conform to ESG sustainable development goals, realize ESG's circular economy,
be environmentally friendly, and reduce carbon tariffs.

That while many filtration systems remove tramp oil, they fail to address the rapid bacterial growth and micro contaminants. The ozone purifier in BEST-1 tackles these issues head-on, effectively extending coolant life and reducing the need for replacements.

No downtime, no consumables, no electricity, easy to move, can easily solve the problem of chips and sludge deposition, and can quickly process and recycle surface floating debris, bottom fines, bottom sludge and other sediments. It effectively saves the time and cost of cleaning the coolant tank.

Are you still replenishing coolant and adjusting the cutting coolant concentration ratio manually?
Time = money,
Adding too much stock fluid = increased cost
Adding too little stock fluid = insufficient concentration and prone to spoil.
◎Fully automatic coolant replenishment/Replacing manual labor
◎Accurate cutting fluid concentration

No need stopping the machine, and can easily solve the problem of magnetic dust sludge deposition. It can handle water-based and oily cutting fluids and metal cutting sludge, and quickly process and recover surface floating debris, bottom fines, bottom sludge and other sediments.

It has the functions of batch filtration and oil-water separation, and can remove floating oil and foreign oil from the coolant surface.

This model has a lightweight and mini structure, takes up little space and is easy to be installed.

Industries lacking control for cutting coolant quality face pollution and health risks. Our action aims to improve production quality and efficiency across diverse industries, focusing on wastewater treatment and longer coolant life solutions.

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Case Studies

This is a lathe workshop, because the machine is not equipped with an oil-water separator; resulting in too much cutting oil and slide way oil mixed in the water tank; Oil is covering the cutting fluid, it will soon go bad and smelly, and must replace it every 3 months. They came to see our BEST-1 at TIMTOS in Taipei and found it very easy to use. It can prolong the service life of the cutting fluid. They are very satisfied with BEST-1.

The workshop received a batch of orders for grinding fiberglass. The fiberglass chips are difficult to process because some will float on the surface of the cutting fluid and some will sink under the coolant tank. The previous processing method is time-consuming and labor-intensive. After the evaluation, we recommend Foodie. Once again, it successfully won orders and trust from customers.

There are a large number of machines in the automated production line , and refill cutting coolant every day is very time-consuming. A machine requires about 10-gallon barrels of coolant, which takes more than 2 minutes by manpower. After equip SHUNT, You only need to install the coolant inlet pipe and outlet pipe. It is very convenient and efficient for processing plants with a large number of machines.

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HC FENG equipment aids global manufacturing in achieving E.S.G. goals. Ambitious distributors are needed to join us in promoting our unique products to CNC processing machine workshops worldwide.

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Date: March 27 (Wed) ~ 31 (Sun)

Booth No. : M1220 (4 F, HALL 1)

Time: 10:00 ~ 18:00, ending at 17:00 on the last day

Thank you to the visitors from all over the world for being a good partner of CNC machine tools. 

Thanks to FUCHS LUBRICANTS TAIWAN CORP.' invitation, HC FENG provided cutting fluid purification solutions


We're grateful to receive the award of BEST Brand Taiwan 2021.Though the ceremony has been postponed because of the Covid situation, we are still feeling so honored for having this recognition.

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