Cutting Coolant Purification Equipment (Oil Skimmer)


Optimize with HC FENG Cutting Oil Filtration System

HC FENG presents BEST-1 Cutting Coolant Purification Equipment, a multifunctional marvel that goes beyond the capabilities of standard oil skimmers. BEST-1 is your all-in-one solution for cutting oil filtration, oil skimming, sterilization of bacteria, and pH value monitoring. This innovative system is designed to maintain fluid quality consistently, prevent rancidity, extend fluid lifespan, and recover fluid purity, ensuring your cutting coolant remains in top condition.

Why BEST-1 Stands Out?

The addition of the ozone purifier to our Oil Water Separator Machine is a game-changer. Anaerobic bacteria growth in contaminated coolant is a common culprit behind fluid rancidity and unpleasant odors. Our decade-long experience in cutting fluid solutions has revealed that while many filtration systems remove tramp oil, they fail to address the rapid bacterial growth and micro contaminants. The ozone purifier in BEST-1 tackles these issues head-on, effectively extending coolant life and reducing the need for replacements.

Achieve ESG Sustainable Goals

Our cutting oil filtration systems are not just about maintaining fluid quality; it's about embracing sustainability. BEST-1 is aligned with ESG sustainable development goals and the circular economy, ensuring your metalworking practices contribute to a greener future. Furthermore, our BEST-1 Cutting Fluid Purification Equipment is certified with CE standards.

Choose HC FENG for your coolant filtration needs, and experience the difference that advanced filtration technology can make in your operations.

  • Filtering particulates max. 0.4mm
  • Separating tramp oil in minimal moisture
  • Sterilizing contaminants with ozone purifier
  • Monitoring pH value
  • No consumables
  • Low maintenance
  • Modularized parts and light weight
  • Energy saving and green
Step 1
Oil collector – sucks in coolant and tramp oil from CNC machine tank
Step 2
Filter set - filters impurities and contaminants in the coolant
Step 3
Remove the slideway oil and foreign matter oil, achieve oil-water separation quickly and completely and reduce the water content
Step 4
Ozone purifier - eliminates bacteria, molds, or yeasts and purifies foul odor
Step 5
Control panel - automated settings to coordinate actions and intervals of suction, separation, skimming, and ozone generating process
Step 6
pH detection – automatically detects pH value
Model BEST-1
Machine Size(L*W*H) 520*410*880mm
Storing Capacity 35L
N.W. 45kg
Power Single Phase.220V/110VAC
50/60HZ 0.042Kw
Power Consumption consumption of 1 KWH of electricity in 24 hours
Suction Capacity 10-30 Lit. /Minute
Capacity of lonic Generator 500mg /hr
(produce 500mg of ozone per hour)
Annual Return & Efficiency
Cost-benefit analysis diagram
Before and After
Before Applying unit BEST-1
Coolant purified by unit BEST-1