Coolant Separators and Filters Used in Auto Manufacturing
The auto manufacturing industry is going through tremendous transformations. With the rapid transitioning to Electric Vehicles, and the increased use of robotics in manufacturing, manufacturers are paying close attention to the care and maintenance of their machining tools and machining centers. With the increased focus on green manufacturing and environmental issues, attention has also been turned to the coolants and lubricants used in machining processes.
Sustainability of Coolant Separators

The cooling fluid used during machining processes helps to ensure the quality of the products manufactured as well as protect the machining tool itself. To maintain the quality of the coolant and ensure efficient recycling, a good filtering system is essential. A good filtering system will efficiently separate oil and machining scraps from the coolant preparing it for reuse. A coolant filter system should also require low maintenance and be easy to operate.

Efficient and Economical Oil Separators

HC Feng works closely with automobile parts and accessories manufacturers to stay abreast of developments and standards required by the automobile industry. HC Feng provides high quality Tramp Oil Separators, Cutting Fluid Purification and Regeneration Equipment, Tramp Oil Skimmers, Oil Water Separators, and Chip and Sludge Removal Machines which are used widely in the auto manufacturing industry.

Whether you are a large manufacturer, or run a small machining business, we are sure to have right coolant separator and filters to meet your needs.

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