Coolant Requirements for Machining in the Aerospace Industry
Aerospace is one industry where machining operations face some of their toughest challenges. In the Aerospace industry standards are extremely strict, and there is no room for error, so close attention must be paid to the consistency of the equipment used for machining. One of the most important components of the machining process is the coolant.
Coolants and lubricants play crucial roles during machining and must be kept clean to prevent abrasions that could compromise the quality of machined parts. At low cutting speeds, the coolant helps to lubricate the cutting process. At high cutting speeds, the coolant cools the work piece. This will help maintain the quality of the work product, and reduce ware on the cutting tool, assuring longer service life of the machining tool.
Coolant Filtration Systems for the Aerospace Industry

To maintain the high cleanliness standard required for machining coolants used in the aerospace industry, a high-quality coolant purification system is essential. A good filtration system will assure high quality of machined products, less downtime, reliable work efficiency, extended coolant life, and will reduce maintenance and coolant replacement expenses.

Filtration plus Ozone Gives a Complete Solution

During the machining process, anaerobic bacteria can grow in the coolant fluid and create foul odors. To overcome this problem, HC Feng has designed a filter system that incorporates ozone disinfection to destroy bacteria and molds. As pH fluctuation is one sign indicating coolant deterioration, this system can also be fitted with an optional pH monitor that displays the pH value of the liquid. When the liquid is too acidic or too alkaline, the system will issue an alarm to let the user know that the cutting fluid has deteriorated and needs to be maintained.

HC FENG Coolant Purification Systems

HC FENG coolant purification systems give you permanent solutions that will prolong coolant life, reduce fluid disposal costs, and assure that you meet government requirements for discharged water. All HC FENG products are CE certified, and ozone generators are SGS certified.

At HC FENG, we will be happy to work with you to be sure all your machining operations run smoothly.

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