Case Studies

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  • Compared to general coolant oil separators and skimmers, unit BEST-1 has multifunctionally included filtration, oil skimming, sterilization of bacteria, and pH value monitoring.

  • Particulates produced during fabrication will drop into the coolant and act as an abrasive to significantly reduce tool life. Thus, machinery operators must regularly replace the coolant tank with new clean fluid and get rid of the debris, chips or sludge.

  • If one machine is replenished manually, will 10 machines also be replenished manually? How much does it cost to replenish water? Have you calculated it? As long as there are more than 3 machines in the factory, it is worth buying SHUNT Automatic Coolant Mixing Refill System.

  • Precision machining manufacturers work with grinding machines. Grinding process produces a large amount of grinding sludge that is usually composed of fine particulates in the size of microns and is hard to be filtered or extracted.

  • This unit provides functions of basic filtration and tramp oil skimming. Compared to general oil skimmers, model BEST-MINI can tackle with higher amount of waste oil and cutting fluid, while handling adequate capacity, it is surprisingly compact for users to install handily.