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Machining ToolCoolant Optimization
To achieve high-quality work products and efficient manufacturing during machining operations, it is important that the coolants used during production remain free of contaminants. Properly maintained coolants help extend the life of cutting tools, prevent burning and smoking during machining tool operations, and ensure consistent high-quality products. To maintain the quality of coolant, various types of filtering systems are available for purifying and regenerating cooling fluids.
Tramp Oil Cutting Fluid Separators

Unwanted oil in machine coolant will create slurry which will entrap chips and fines given off during machining. This slurry can coat the tooling and cause poor quality tooling and excessive tool wear. The most common way to remove this slurry buildup is to install a coolant tramp oil separator and filter systems.

Chip and Sludge Removal Machines

During CNC machining, metal chips, powders, sludge, etc., will gradually accumulate in the cooling fluid reservoir. If this sludge is not removed, over time, the reservoir will become clogged which can lead to damage of the machine. This sludge can be easily vacuumed from the reservoir with a chip and sludge removal machine.

Magnetic Centrifugal Filters

During grinding processes, the fine powder produced can cause sludge to form in the cooling fluid. When grinding iron or other magnetic materials, a centrifugal magnetic separator can be used continuously during operation, eliminating the need for manual cleaning.

Ozone Generation

One special feature that HC Feng offers for its filter systems is the purifying function by the ozone generator. Ozone molecules can effectively attach to and destroy the bacteria that grow in coolant tanks. With this ozone purifying feature, odor that smells like “rotten egg” from the rancid coolant will be eliminated in order to provide the workers a friendlier working environment.

HC Feng Complete Cutting Fluid Filter Systems

HC Feng manufactures cutting fluid filter systems that meet the filtering requirements of a broad range of machining tool applications. HC FengTramp Oil Cutting Fluid Separators offer easy maintenance, use zero consumables and are lightweight.

Pneumatic driven MINI Skimmers are compact and robust. Both BEST-1 coolant purification equipment and MINI skimmer use stainless steel filters that are durable and reusable under regular cleaning. FOODIE chips sludge removal machine and FOODIE II centrifugal magnetic filter have air guns equipped for convenient maintenance of their filter baskets. HC FENG offers flexible and customizing designs so that customers will not concerns of aftersales maintenance and costs of consumables.

MINI Skimmers are available with the options of automatic control for the pumping unit, oil removal device, and the ozone generating device. BEST-1 units have the option of adding pH value detector.

We welcome you to contact us to find the right filtering systems to meet your particular machining needs.

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