BEST-1 is the Total Solution

Daily machining with CNC lathes and mills would often encounter oil filter issues where fine chips can contaminate the oil and then be circulated through the system. This can cause coolant-through tools to clog. As a result, finish marks on the machined part can occur.

When excessive depositions of sludge are not removed over time after the filter rating of 5 microns, the reservoir will also be clogged with tramp oil and may even damage the CNC cutting machine with settled solids, metal chips, sludge and fines from water-miscible coolant and neat oil-based grease into the cooling fluid tank and contaminate the coolant with biological rancid odor.

Regular cleaning is a must but the extra labor costs involved with equipment clean-up, machinery down-time, and metal chips & sludges for recycle working costs can be quite high if tramp oils cannot be separated from neat oil, so measures must be taken to repair any leaks in the system.

Tramp oils change the viscosity of the oil, which leads to issues at the cutting edge. Proper checkups for concentration, pH value and water hardness is a must on a routine basis. Even water-miscible coolants, concentration and contamination must be monitored & controlled by proper separation & filtration process to extend the sump life of coolant fluid to perform its duty.

The HC FENG Foodie & BEST-1 provide together all-in-one solution by developing modular-based suction & purification treatment in simply 2 steps:

Step-1: Chips and Sludge Removal using Model FOODIE: Specialized wet vacuum suction device to separate settled solids, metal chips, sludge and fines from the cooling fluid tank, specifically the water-miscible coolant or neat oil-based grease within 5 minutes through suction pipe connected to the air-pump system.

Step-2: Coolant Purification System using model BEST-1: Providing automatic filtration for oil & wastewater and functions as separator to help you keep the balance for concentration & pH value in metalworking CNC machine.

The step 2 module comes with an ecological purifying Ozone generator designed to eliminate contamination caused by oxidation and excessive heat or foaming even if the neat oil degrades quickly from the CNC machine's operation.