Centrifugal Magnetic Filter

Case Studies

Taoyuan work shop of automobile parts

This customer is a grinding factory for auto parts. The grinding machine used to use a magnetic paper filter to clean up dust & powder. In recent years, due to the increasingly stringent requirements of ESG environmental protecting regulations, and the filtering paper cannot be reused or recycled, only can be treated as waste disposal. Therefore, the factory starts to manually clean the water tank, and dig it every two weeks. It is time-consuming, and there are no employees willing to do such greasy and dirty work. If the water tank is not cleaned frequently, the dust will affect the accuracy of the workpiece. We all know the most important thing about a grinder is precision and accuracy.

After using our FOODIEII, the customer is very satisfied with the amazing efficiency. All the magnetic powder sludge is sucked by the suction pipe and passed through the first filter bucket to intercept the large particles, and the liquid containing the sludge is separated by centrifugal device filters out fine impurities, and the powder sludge is transported to the discharge port of the device. It is environmentally friendly, efficient, improves processing quality, prolongs the life of cutting fluid, and greatly reduces labor costs. It is the most powerful assistant in the work shop.

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