The Advantage of FOODIE

CNC machining will definitely produce a lot of chips and sludge which go along with the cutting fluid flowing into the coolant tank, and the only way to deal with it in the past is to stop the machine, pull out the whole coolant tank, pour out the coolant, and then dig out the bottom chips and sludge manually.

FOODIE is to filter impurities by suction, it will save lots of time in the cleaning tank, and the benefit is no need to stop the CNC machine.

The coolant tank contains a lot of iron and aluminum chips and sludeg. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the cooling effect.

Now there is no need to reach into the coolant tank to pick them up which makes the hands greasy and dirty. The willingness of employees to clean the water tank is very low.

Now, after cleaning the coolant tank regularly, take up the filter bucket and throw out the impurities. It's easy and doesn't make your hands dirty.