Congrats! HC FENG won the first prize of the 2021 Excellent Trademark Award!

[Short story of the Trademark]

HC FENG is an expert in cutting coolant purification equipment. It specializes in the manufacture of cutting coolant oil-water separators and chip removers. It is committed to producing cutting coolant purification equipment with more than 10 years of experience and technology, effective improve the deterioration of cutting coolant, oil-water separation, odor, bottom debris, bottom sludge deposition and other problems. Originally created "cutting coolant purification equipment" with the functions of filtration, oil-water separation and ozone disinfection, it is a good partner of machine tools and processing industries local and abroad.

HC FENG in English, combined with the trademark to keep the core value of "purify the sea and blue sky, and protect the earth's environmental protection", which symbolizes the maintenance of natural life and the endless cycle. It also takes "environmental protection, energy saving, love the earth" as its business mission, With the simple line design image as the main axis of brand recognition, the earth graphic and the meaning of the company's trademark font are harmoniously integrated, and the brand echoes the meaning of the English word, making the brand recognition image more prominent. It is expected that this recognition design can deepen customers' recognition of the company's high quality Image, establish an internationally renowned "industrial brand of multifunctional oil-water separation compound machines and solutions", and exert a positive and powerful influence in the industrial field.