Thanks all for visiting our booth.
After seeing the actual operation demonstration at our booth, customers’ evaluations of our products are very good.
Grateful for the exhibition ended successfully.

Our products:

Model BEST-1: Cutting coolant purification equipment (oil water separator)
  • 24 hours recycling setting, O3 disinfection & pH value detection.
  • Separate tramp oil from coolant tank quickly.
  • Prolong the coolant life.
Model FOODIE: Chip/sludge removal machine
  • No consumables, no downtime, no electricity.
  • Filtration and outgoing flows go at the same time.
  • Save time & easy to move.
Model FOODIE II: Centrifugal Magnetic filter
  • VDF Centrifugal Filtration.
  • Quick discharges cast iron sludge with 5000 Gauss Magnetic Separator.
  • No consumables, no downtime, no installation.
Model SHUNT Smart Flow System
  • One SHUNT to multiple CNC machining centers.
  • Fully automatic refill the coolant tank.
  • accurate coolant concentration.
  • Replace manual labor.