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HC FENG CO., LTD. is a professional company focusing on filtering cutting fluid purification, providing high-quality filtration equipment and services to help companies improve production efficiency and protect the environment.

Cutting fluid is a common cooling and lubricant in the manufacturing industry, which has an important impact on tool life and surface quality during machining. However, with the increase of use time and the accumulation of pollutants such as metal chips, oil and anti-corrosion in the production process, the performance of cutting fluid will gradually decrease, which will affect production efficiency and product quality, and even cause damage to human health and the environment.

The cutting coolant purification equipment model BEST-1 can solve these problems. The system adopts advanced filtrate removal technology, high-efficiency filter material, and sterilization technology, which can effectively purify the cutting fluid including metal chips, oil, bacteria, etc., thereby not only prolonging the service life of the cutting fluid and improving production efficiency, but also protect the environment and human health.

The filtration equipment of HC FENG has the characteristics of excellent design, simple operation and convenient maintenance, and can also be customized according to the actual needs of customers to meet different production requirements. Our technical team has rich industry experience and professional knowledge, and can provide support and training to ensure that customers can correctly use and maintain cutting coolant purification equipment.

If you are looking for a professional cutting fluid purification company, then HC FENG is your best choice. With advanced technology and rich industry experience, we can provide customers with high-quality filtration equipment and services, help customers improve production efficiency and protect the environment, and achieve sustainable development of energy saving and carbon reduction.