Participated in “Conference on Metal Working for Aerospace and Semiconductor “ with FUCHS, DMG MORI and LITZ

The conference was hosted by Vanung University and co-organized by FUCHS of Germany. Related industries in the machine tool industry were invited - in addition to HC FENG, DMG MORI of Japan and LITZ of Taiwan were invited to present and introduce in the conference.


The oil product ECOCOOL GLOBAL 1000 introduced by FUCHS of Germany is a water-soluble cooling lubricant that is very durable and economical in terms of fuel consumption. Due to their excellent lubrication characters, they provide extremely high machining and cutting performance for aerospace and semiconductor processing

HC FENG provides filtration and purification of foreign oil and chip/sludge generated during processing. It provides better cutting fluid purification and improvement solutions for the aerospace and semiconductor industries that have extremely demanding processing quality, and reduces the impact of industrial waste on the environment of pollution.

This conference not only provides solutions for Industry 4.0 automated production, using robots to replace traditional manpower, but also provides high-quality oil and cutting fluid purification proposals. It contributes to the optimization of aerospace and semiconductor processing processes.

Our products comply with ESG sustainable development goals, realize the circular economy of ESG, are environmentally friendly, and reduce carbon tariffs. They are a good helper for corporate ESG.