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Requirements of Cutting Fluids for Manufacturing Gym Equipment
Manufacturing companies, particularly those who fabricate fitness parts and metal parts for gym equipment are today facing intensified competition in quantities to satisfy the uncertain demand with best possible quality, price, and service. Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have to work from home and stay physically active by having regular home workout with fitness devices that accommodate our domestic lives. To remain competitive in the gym equipment market, manufacturers not only have to produce user-friendly equipment that is dedicated to gyms but also equipment that can be conveniently placed at homes. In order to set up strong, durable equipment with defect-free and aesthetically elegant joints, R&D teams from gym manufacturing industry spend a lot of time to develop new designs and keep up with the most cutting-edge techniques. For machinists and workshop operators, they input effort on having complete control over the entire machining process. To start a machining process, fluid that is called cutting fluid, cutting oil, metalworking fluid, or coolant, is required for the operation to run a CNC machine tool. Before getting deep into the machining technical knowledge, it is fundamental to firstly obtain basic understanding of general coolant features and why it has the capability to be the key of determining the result of the machined pieces.
The Dos and Don'ts for Applying Metalworking Fluids

Cutting oils are used for lubrication and cooling during industrial machining on metal workpieces when they are being lathed, ground, milled, etc. Fluid properties such as lubricity and heat transfer property can influence how efficient and what the quality of the production will be. Applying cutting fluids also helps improve the quality of the workpiece by continuously removing the fines, chips, and swarfs from the tool and reduce the wear of the work piece surface. Various components and additives make up the formation of metalworking fluids, and there are many different kinds of fluids including straight oils (also named as neat oils), soluble oils (also named the emulsifiable oils or water emulsion type coolants), semi-synthetic fluids and synthetic fluids. These fluids contain organic mineral, certain percentage of the petroleum oil, water, or additives. Over time, these organic components would be taken to feed biological growth of bacteria, yeasts or molds and become toxic contaminants. This is usually a primary concern occurred in water-based metalworking fluids such as the soluble oils and the synthetic fluids.

Cutting Oil Separators Used in Machining Gym Equipment Parts

For a gym equipment manufacturer, it is common to produce metal parts using a variety of materials such as carbon and alloy steels, aluminum, and stainless steel by applying various types of machines including tube cutting machine, CNC bending machine, lathe machines, radial drill machine, milling machine, or grinding machine. To ensure that the fit and functionality of metal parts is perfect with consistent quality and high precision, metalworking fluid must be kept clean and well-maintained, but this is no doubt a hard task for many workshop owners and workers and is often being neglected. Thanks to the progressive technology nowadays, machine shops have diverse choices and solutions to control and prevent coolant deterioration.

Replacement with purchased new cutting oils, redundant cleaning labor and disposal of rotten wastewater are no longer necessary in everyday practice. Having good care and attention to maintain the fluid, coolant life can be easily extended much longer. To achieve this, filtration systems provided by HCFENG model BEST-1 and model FOODIE II can assist gym equipment manufacturers with simplest maintenance to effectively remain the best quality of used CNC metalworking fluids.

Green Coolant Purifier Equipment BEST-1 Compliant to Friendly Manufacturing Environment

HCFENG technical sales team has been continuously helping customers to understand that the main reason for the occurring of odor and deterioration in cutting fluids is the “biological contaminant”. When tramp oil covers on top of coolant, it leads to contamination and causing the cutting fluid to become rancid with stench and bacteria. Fortunately, the superlative coolant oil separating system, BEST-1, is specially designed to maintain and improve the quality of used fluids by providing features of coolant tramp oil separation, filtration, sterilization and deodorization. BEST-1 coolant purifying system is implemented with a smart control panel pad to manage each function with customized acting time and interval time, a stainless steel filter set that does not have consumables and can be washed and reused to remove impurities and contaminants from coolant sumps, a belt type oil skimmer attached to an oil removal device that separates tramp oil, and an ozone generating device to work as an ozone purifier that powerfully reduces stench and biological growth. With this complete purifying and filtration cycle, manufacturers can truly fulfill the goals of having a green factory with reduced cost, waste and labor. When unit BEST-1 is delivered, a full set of accessories consists of pipelines, hose clamps and spare parts required for installation is included along with the shipment, and all settings are inspected thoroughly and done before it’s packed.

Precise Filter Solution for Coolant Used in Grinding and Cast Iron Machining

Periodic maintenance and replacement for metalworking fluids are a part of the machinists’ daily lives, but it always takes hours to empty the machining fluid sumps and manually remove the fines, debris, chips or sludge. When talking about coolant replacement, it is especially painful for grinding and cast iron machine workshops. In the start of 2022, Team HCFENG has gratefully developed a new project to release the upgraded model – FOODIE II, a centrifugal magnetic filter system that can be the savior for many workshop owners. Model FOODIE II is built with a coarse front filter, a centrifugal device, and a strong magnetic separator that integrates multi functions of filtering ferrous (ferromagnetic) fine micron particulates formed in sludge or powder. By using FOODIEII coolant filtration system to extract the ferrous sludge from the contaminated coolant in an iron grinding machine or cast iron machining equipment, operators will never need to turn off CNC machines. As the coolant lifespan is extended, there will be much less replacement demands to uninstall pipelines and accessories or empty the entire coolant tanks. Work with HCFENG to manufacture fitness equipment with best Bio-Mechanics, accurate range of motion & world-class design and endorse the best of athletes in a green, sustainable industrial environment.

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