Bicycle parts

Why is MIT (Made in Taiwan) bicycles and bicycle parts so popular worldwide?
The reasons are bicycle enthusiasts require accuracy, high performance, and durability. And the manufacturers of bike parts and accessories in Taiwan always meet their requirements. The manufacturers of bicycle parts in frames, brakes, wheelsets, chain wheels, freewheels, derailleur & parts, seat posts, handlebars, pedals, and various bike accessories have strict requirements of lubrications and coolants in processing metal working. Since there are such high requirements, the processes of making parts and accessories in these factories need to be more careful and precise. They call for not only productivity but also fine finishing with few tolerances. Good lubrication and quality coolants in these machining processes are vital all the time in the processing procedures.

Many of these suppliers have been working in this field for more than 20 years, 30 years, and 40 years. Most bicycle-related parts are precisely completed by CNC milling, lathing, drilling, grinding, and turning machines. To achieve high accuracy and excellent performance, purifying coolant becomes very important.

HC FENG’s BEST-1 Automatic Coolant fluid Filtration and Regeneration equipment is designed to separate contaminants, metal chips, fines, and debris from contaminating cutting oils and coolant liquids. For a variety of machining applications, we have Chip/Sludge Removal Machine Foodie ensures your machining accuracy and productivity. For very fine iron sludge from grinding machine, we have Foodie II Magnetic Centrifugal Filter to handle it perfectly.

Manufacturers are more partial to making bicycle parts with aluminum alloy.

The industries in aerospace, automobile, Gym equipment, and Medical parts rely on aluminum alloy for machining their products as stated before. The properties of aluminum alloy making such all-purpose metal machining parts are providing a challenge while filtering out the fine particles from the coolant generated during machining. Clean coolant plays a key role in operating the aluminum machining process. And its main functions are- to decrease the heat generated during machining, become a lubricant, control heat generation and keep good quality products, coolant flushes chips and debris away as well.

Our products solve the following problems the makers are facing: 

The cutting coolant purification equipment we designed is to remove the heavy particles that settle down the fine particles floating on the cutting coolant. Tramp oils affected the maintenance of coolant life, tooling life, as well as accuracy of workpieces. This is especially true for bicycle parts and accessories made of aluminum alloy. During the machining process, it causes aluminum fines and oil sludge. Additionally, this sludge floats on and sinks in the coolant, which makes removal more difficult. Purchasing new coolant is a cost, therefore, the cutting coolant purification system is designed to increase coolant life and reduce consumption.

Meanwhile, environmental regulations are making coolant disposal increasingly severely everywhere on this planet. HC’s Machine Coolant Filtration helps you cut costs on Disposal and recycling coolant. HC FENG CO., LTD provides you with a feasible solution for both environmental protection and production.

BEST-1 Coolant filtration system is shaped completely for the metalworking industry, to treat wastes caused by machine coolants, detergents, parts washing, and other oily wastewaters. The oil skimmer on BEST-1 can remove the tramp oil from fluid efficiently, reducing the volume of waste in it so that the waste oil is able to be easily recycled by oil recyclers.

The advantages of coolant purification equipment include:
  1. Simply to operate. (Control by an automatic control panel that is already set.)
  2. Very little space. (45kgs, 520*410*880mm)
  3. Suitable for all types of fluid (synthetic, semi-synthetic, soluble oil)
  4. Ozone device to kill bacteria effectively so that coolant has no more deterioration and odors.
  5. pH meter is optional for detecting coolant always.
  6. No change in the concentration of coolant.

HC FENG CO., LTD. is willing to cooperate with all CNC machining and relevant industries in bicycle, bicycle parts and accessories to create a new clean world.

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