Sludge Filtration|Model Foodie

FOODIE (Chip/Sludge Removal Machine) works for :
  • Fast filtration, removing residuals with high capacity
  • Cleaning up metal chips, swarf, and grinding sludge 
  • Capable to deal with both water soluble and straight oil fluids
  • Easily reach & remove floating debris, sludge at bottom corners

Are you still manually cleaning the water tank in traditional way?

Quick filtration without downtime, easily solving the problem of metal chips, swarf, grinding sludge ...etc.
Compatible with both water-based and oil-based cutting fluids, metal cutting, aluminum powder, non-magnetic metal particles, etc.

Cleaning debris and residuals floating on coolant surface and sinking in the bottom corners.
Effective coolant recycling and saving labor cleaning time and coolant cost.
Portable, with different filter mesh according to your filtration requirements.


  • No downtime
  • No consumables
  • Simple operation and easy maintanence
  • Recycle automatically & simultaneously
  • Air driven and no plug required
  • Vertically fast filter drying up to 90% efficiency
  • Light weight, portable
  • Optional filter mesh
  • Save coolant replacement cost
Model Foodie
Machine Size(L*W*H) 420*600*900mm
Filter Capacity 10.5L 
Net Weight 56kg
Max. Flow Capacity 180 Lit. /Minute (47.49 Gallon per min) by water
Air Pressure 0.5 Bar - 8.3 Bar (7.25 Psi - 120 Psi)
Filter 380 ㎛  / 190
Filter Material 304 Stainless Steel

Customer Cases:
    Before Cleaning      ​​​​​ ​​ After Cleaning

All kinds of bottom sludge,  floating debris, swarf, chips etc. can be quickly filtered and cleaned using Foodie vacuum unit.
No consumables nor supplies required.

  Grinding     Plastic   Aluminum