Before & After


BEST-1 Coolant Purification Machine - Before and After

  BEFORE   ​​​ ​​AFTER
​Before using Best-1: The customer was dealing with aluminum processing. The rancid coolant formed a dark yellow look and was becoming sticky.
After the coolant purification process: The purified, white color was recovered, and the sticky tramp oil was also separated to be discharged.

  BEFORE   ​​​ ​​AFTER
Before using Best-1: It appeared to be a terribly dark brown color of the contaminated coolant. The foul smell was also irritating.
After the coolant purification process: A milky state of the coolant returned after running unit Best-1 as a wastewater recycling system for 2 hours in this 300L coolant tank.

Before using Best-1: This metalworking fluid tank was of around 2 tons sized. The installation of our unit Best-1 was a little more challenging.
After the coolant purification process: As soon as the installation was completed, we had no issues seeing the coolant oil separation perform successfully. 2 tons of the contaminated coolant were all purified in a few hours. 

Before using Best-1: The coolant was covered with fully, grey oil on the surface, which was an interesting color compared to other cases.
After the coolant purification process: The tank was in a smaller size, and the separation of the tramp oil did not take long to be finished.


Before using Best-1: The most serious issue of this case was the dark, mucous forms of layer mixed with the surface oil. The different states of rancidity were visible in the different sections of this coolant tank. 
After the coolant purification process:
The purification process of the coolant was done in an hour. It's recommended to wash or clean the filter with water or with an airgun once a day in the first week of using a Best-1 unit in case the impurities are overload. After that, the maintenance can be lowered to once a week.

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