Frequently Asked Questions

Cutting fluid is a type of coolant and lubricant designed with features like anti-rust, cleaning, cooling and lubrication and is widely used in cutting tool machining. When it deteriorates, it happens to be smelly, rotten, foamy, and causes skin allergy during operation.

☑ What is the impact of adverse coolant?  
  • Damaging and lowering the machining quality, lathe and milling machine equipment.
  • Reducing tool life and affecting processing efficiency.
  • Deteriorated coolant with large amount of bacteria harming operator's health.
  • Causing unwanted cleaning and renewing time of coolant liquids.
  • Expensive cost for purchasing and changing new coolant liquids.
  • Environmental harm due to wastewater and dirty coolant.
☑ What benefits will be provided along with our equipement?  

☑ Why choose HC Feng and Best-1 Oil Skimmer?

  • No consumables at all for all models
  • Providing more features compared to general oil skimmers
  • Giving real cure to tramp oil, foul odor by Ozone technique 
  • Permanent coolant maintenance system by control panel and pH device
  • Saves coolant replacement cost and wastewater disposal cost
  • Always stock available, quality reliable and on-time delivery
  • Complete after-sales service